Looking at apartments and places to live is never easy, especially when the participants are college students who are going to have to share a space, figure out how to pay for it, and may have different needs or wants. As I was discussing with my future roommates and looking at places to live next year, I noticed that we were all abandoning our own goals and acquiesces to consider the desires of others in the group. We were all practicing accommodation. As a way of handling conflict, we abandoned our own personal goals to take in the consideration of others and brainstormed ideas that will work for the whole group (McCornack 263). As we brainstormed, we all considered how many rooms and baths we wanted, how rent would be divided, how far away from campus we wished to be, and also talked about how we are all paying for food, furniture, etc. Instead of one of us wanting one thing and sticking to it, for example, if someone wanted to be right next to campus rather than a few miles away, we all discussed our viewpoints and decided a middle ground and the most feasible arrangements. We were able to get a great idea of what we all wished to have in our future living quarters and what price worked for us. It made me wonder, how were we able to work so well together, when I knew that this situation would have brought up many issues with others. From our textbook, I learned that the reason it worked so well was because of how strong our relationship was with each other. We had all known each other since 1stgrade, and we knew each other well, so it made it easier to discuss and decide big decisions like this. This situation showed me that accommodation is a very viable tool in conflicts and discussions.

Image result for accommodation communication

This picture reminded me of accommodation because you are sharing the things that are off importance in a conflict or discussion with each other, rather than having the conflict be one sided and dominated by one person’s interest. 


McCornack, Steven. “Reflect & Relate: an introduction to interpersonal communication.” 4thed., Bedford/St. Martins, 2016.

Willers, JR. “Communication Accommodation Theory.” Youtube.

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